Gebeya, a renowned Ethiopian Edtech company, wins $2 Million Seed Funding

A resourceful, highly impacting, and technology-driven Ethiopian Edtech Company, Gebeya, has raised a whopping sum of $2 million in seed funding courtesy of Partech, Orange Digital Ventures, and Consonance Investment Managers.

In 2016, Amadou Daffe and Hiruy Amanuel founded an Edtech company that trains people in technology-related courses like Mobile Application Development, Back-End/Front-End Engineering, UX/UI Engineering, Business Analysis, and DevOps in Ethiopia. Additionally, the company links these well-trained technocrats with job opportunities. “You can hire specialize developers from Gebeya’s talent pool for a price ranging between $15 and $25 per hour,” said the company.

Amazingly, Gebeya, since 2016, has produced 600 graduates and has matched 34% of them with start-ups globally, and some of the alumni have started their businesses. The effectiveness of Gebeya won her $500,000 seed funding in 2019 from the International Finance Commission. This funding was to provide scholarships for aspiring female software engineers to increase their participation in  Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) courses. With this seed funding, Gebeya has offered scholarships to 250 aspiring female engineers and each of them has opted for their field of interest.

Recently, the company has carted another $2 million seed funding. Tidjane Deme, the General Partner at Partech Africa that is one of the tripartite investors said, “At Partech Africa, we’ve been watching this space closely, and we believe there is a large opportunity to address unmet demand and create value for the growing pool of African talent on the global stage. With Gebeya’s model and the team’s dedication to this challenge and the amazing progress they’ve made so far, we are really excited to join them in the next stage”. In the same vein, Amadou Daffe, the CEO and co-founder of Gebeya, appreciated the investors and said, “This investment will enable us to further strengthen the community of top-notch tech talents and position Gebeya as the go-to for other companies as well as start-ups. Through this investment, Gebeya will be at the forefront of the digitization and utilization of Africa’s potential”.

Although Gebeya has its headquarters in Addis Ababa, it has also had a presence in Senegal, Kenya, and the United States of America. With this funding, the company aims at reaching some other countries. Besides, Gebeya plans to immerse its tutors in professional development courses and also upscale its training and marketplace services in the French-speaking region of Africa and in the same vein, launch its online talent marketplace. With this initiative, clients will be able to have a full profile of the tech talents and select the ones that best suit their needs.

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