Howler, a go-to for event ticketing in South Africa

Howler, SA event ticketing firm, secures second round of funding

Howler, an event ticketing and cashless technology platform based in South Africa has secured another funding, making it’s the second round, to grow its market share in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, build its stack for the end end-to-end event technology, and spread its business into the European and Asia-Pacific countries.

The about-us and brief history of Howler  

Howler is an online-based event-ticketing platform that allows customers to schedule their events, make participants book their seats, and also make payment for the reservations. We are all familiar with the hectic nature of queuing to get a ticket to watch a movie or attend a conference. With Howler, you can log in to the website from the four walls of your room, make payments, and have your seat reserved.

In 2017, the company partook in the Cape Town-based Barclays Accelerator Programme and got its first funding from there. The program was powered by Techstars – an American seed accelerator that invests in viable start-ups. Howler claimed transactions worth 1.5 billion South African Rand ($99.8 million).

Techstars – the Angel Investor

Amazingly, Techstars has once again joined the duo of Platform45 and Platform Investment Partners Growth, to invest in the ever-flourishing event-ticketing firm. This is the second round of funding for the company.

The Managing Director of Techstars, Yossi Hasso, gushed on the geometric progress rate of Howler and said that its efficiency and growth rate impressed them. He further said that Techstars is happy to join the league of other investors to provide a second round of seed funding for Howler.

In the same vein, the CEO and Co-Founder of Howler, Shai Evian, said, “Being our second round of investment, this is significant for Howler for many reasons. In 2017, we were licensing our tech and had a team of about 25 people in the company. Back then, Techstars really helped us shape a vision and put us on a different trajectory. With Platform Growth’s first investment round and Platform45 as a development partner, we are two-and-a-half years down the line, 70 people strong and have managed to develop and own 100% of our entire platform.”

The views of Platform45 about Howler

Additionally, Shaun Richards, the Managing Director of Platform45 – a software company that specializes in web and mobile development, said that Platform45 has been working hand-in-hand with the product team of Howler for some time now and they are excited with the latest development.

In the words of Shaun Richards, “Our vision has always been to build software that helps businesses and people do more through the power of tech. When we started working with the team behind this event-ticketing company, we immediately knew this wasn’t just any idea; this was an idea that could change eventing around the world.”

He further said, “With our investment in Howler, the commercial team at Howler can focus on growing their footprint globally without any concerns over the software scaling seamlessly, Platform45 can focus on what we do best – supporting Howler’s platform team in building cutting-edge features that make Howler one-of-a-kind.”

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