Kenyan agri-tech startup Taimba receives US$277,000 in funding

Enviu and DOEN Foundation have given US$277,000 in funding to Kenyan B2B agric-tech startup Taimba known for innovative strides in the food supply chain industry. Taimba developed a mobile-based platform that affords farmers and retailers the opportunity to connect and transact.

One great thing about Taimba which has now contracted over 2,000 farmers across Kenya is its ability to do away with middlemen in the food supply chain field by delivering agricultural products directly to those that need them like foodstuff vendors, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc within Nairobi. This is a kind of positive disruption in the industry as it will benefit every party involved.

One of the guiding principles of Taimba is her belief that food chains should be as simplistic as possible because everyone deserves access to affordable quality food. Taimba also helps to save retailers and farmers transport costs by sourcing for products straight from the farm and then deliver to retailers with no transport fee to give them freedom and convenience. “We source from the farmer at affordable prices that are farmer friendly. We then offer the retailers the fresh produce at lower than market prices enabling them to sell to the final consumer at more affordable prices including delivering to their premises” from Taimba.

Apart from the US$100,000 in funding Taimba secured from Gray Matters Capital’s coLABS last year, the funding from the duo of Enviu and DOEN Foundation( which is a mixture of equity and grant financing) will be used to build cold storage system, expand its product sourcing and distribution and create a formidable integrative system to achieve business growth.

This cold storage system will facilitate the storage of perishables like fruits and vegetables for a longer time in other to avoid food wastages. This will give farmers the benefit of selling their agricultural products for profits and not selling it away for fear of wastages. “The cold storage solution is important for Taimba to be able to scale up and to grow Taimba’s impact, so it can be an example to innovate and make impact for other companies within the food chain in the region,” said Freija Vermeer from Stichting DOEN. “Furthermore, we believe that the co-operation between Taimba and Enviu is an advantage.”