Kenyan recruitment startup Jobsikaz rebrands to Emploi

It is noteworthy and newsworthy that Kenyan’s recruitment African startup has rebranded to Emploi. The startup which has the history of matching employers with qualified job seekers using predictive data and machine learning rebrands to Emploi to better serve her extended recruitment coverage.

History has it that Jobsikaz began operations 3 years ago as a simple job board where job candidates can post their CVs for available qualified jobs. It has up to 39,960 registered candidates and 984 registered companies.
Jobsikaz rebrands to Emploi in other to factor in other recruitment services they offer other than only catering for job seekers as they did in the past.

Emploi now makes use of predictive data and machine learning to predict job seeker to job specifications suitability with 78% accuracy and reliability using job requirements like education, skills, experience, personality, specific interests, and aptitude.

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“With the introduction of really strong recruiter tools we realised we needed a name that speaks to them too. Jobsikaz as pronounced was too jobseeker-centered,” said the startup’s chief executive officer (CEO) Sophy Mwale.

Furthermore, the introduction of a role matching engine and an innovative recruitment process management by Emploi has made recruitment processes for companies under them less stressful and cheaper. The era of leafing through CVs one after the other is over. Now, companies can recruit top talents without breaking a bank or sweating profusely.

It should be noted that Emplio now manages careers and offers social tools for sustainable networking, interconnectivity and the building of a kind of community among job seekers and employers. This will make recruitment not only to be interactive but also productive and enriching.

Emploi’s services are of two different kinds namely Employer Services and Job Seeker Services. Employer Services include: Browse Talent Database, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Assess Candidate, Advertise Jobs and Background Checks. Job Seeker Services include Premium Placement, Professional Coaching, Job Vacancies, Professional CV Editing, and Career Centre.

Finally, Emploi is operational in 4 countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. It hopes to scale up by extending her services to other African countries in order to realize her vision of serving 5 million businesses and 10% of her workforce using recruitment and placement tools.