MasterCard Foundation awards grant funding to strengthen edtech start-ups

MasterCard Foundation awards $40k in grant funding to 12 African Edtech start-ups

The MasterCard Foundation has awarded a whopping $40,000 grant funding to each of the selected 12 African Edtech start-ups and made them the inaugural fellows of its prestigious Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in Information, Communications, and Technology.

Launched in 2018, the five-year initiative’s MasterCard Centre aims at providing jobs to at least 30 million young Africans. The programme seeks inventors and innovators with viable solutions that enhance and foster accessibility and makes professional development courses affordable for in-service teachers. Besides, the innovators should be able to create and deliver learning contents that are of the highest standard and are top-notched.

The MasterCard Foundation’s Centre opened its application portal last year for start-ups to apply and hundreds of start-ups shot their shots, each jostling for the limited slots. After serious vetting and scrutiny, 12 companies topped the scoring board. According to Techmoran, each of the 12 selected start-ups will receive tailored mentorship, opportunity to test, validate, and scale up their business, and a whopping US$40,000 to support their businesses.

The 12 selected companies by the MasterCard Foundation are iCog Labs (Ethiopia), HITCH (Nigeria), AkooBooks Audio (Ghana), Kytabu Co. Ltd (Kenya), Siyavula Education (South Africa), O’Genius Priority (Rwanda), M-Shule (Kenya,) Eneza Education (Ghana), The Dr C.L. Smith Foundation (South Africa), Litemore (Kenya), Chalkboard Education (Ghana), and Instill Education (South Africa).

The area of focus of the 12 selected companies span across digital literacy, education for the less privileged, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses proliferation among all genders and tribes, research and development, knowledge acquisition via online platforms, scholarship opportunities, among others. These give credence to the fact that MasterCard Foundation has an unfettered interest in making education much more accessible and affordable for the masses.

The MasterCard Foundation’s Chief Programme Officer, Peter Materu, said, “The announcement of these first fellows at the Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning is a milestone moment in the work we are carrying out in Africa. Bringing together these talented entrepreneurs and supporting them as they innovate to drive excellence in teaching and learning offers new opportunities with great potential to raise the bar in African education and benefit tens of millions of students.”

Considering the opportunities that tie bonds with this MasterCard Foundation’s award, we believe that sky is just a starting point for these start-ups. At Woleth Enterprise, we wholeheartedly felicitate with you all on this extraordinary feat and pray for more successes.

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