My Pregnancy Journey becomes Africa’s first African focused pregnancy app

My Pregnancy Journey, a South African startup becomes the first app catering to pregnant African women. My Pregnancy Journey app aims to empower all African pregnant women with everything they need to know as it concerns pregnancy health and parenting.

The founder of the My Pregnancy Journey app Jacqueline Rogers has been practicing as a health worker for 12 years now. The startup was launched in August 2019 after she realized that there is no pregnancy solution out there that caters to the African families.

“Our aim is to empower all women with everything they need to know about pregnancy, health, and parenting. We want to inspire our moms in a positive way when raising the next generation, and potentially save some lives in the process. Every mom and baby matters, and it’s important that all expectant mothers and families receive information that could possibly make their unique pregnancy journey a beautiful journey” comments Jacqueline.

The founder’s ability to join pregnancy care with technology to create a unique app catering to the need of African women during pregnancy is highly commendable.

The app contains features such as Baby Feature, Mom Feature, Dad Feature, etc.

Baby Feature:

• Short weekly reminders on your growing baby.
• More in-depth weekly information on what is happening with the fetus.
• Baby size guide.
• Baby kick counter that is used to count and document your baby’s kicks.

Mom Feature:

• Weekly information about your body.
• A big nutrition help section.
• An exercise information section.
• All different labour information section.
• Safe medication list
• Birth plan guidelines.

Dad Feature:

• Weekly reminders for dads.
• A timeline for dad on baby’s growth.
• A dad’s checklist.

The above features plus many more can be personalized by users for free use for three months, then six of the features ought to be paid for subsequently. The app also has guides on how to contend the menace of HIV infection.

The My Pregnancy Journey app which is now available in iOS and Andriod has been downloaded over 2,000 times. But as it stands, those outside Africa are doing much of the downloading.