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Soso Care launches recycling-linked micro-health insurance product

Soso Care, a Nigerian mobile health insurance start-up, has come up with a plan of enabling Nigerians, especially the poor ones living in rural areas, to have access to health insurance by simply paying with recyclable waste.

Researches have shown that one of the continents with the highest rate of poverty is Africa. In Nigeria, most of the people living in the rural areas are poor and do not have enough financial capacity to get quality education, health insurance, good housing, and even balanced diets.

In this regard, Soso Care came up with an innovative plan that allows Nigerians to subscribe to one of the health insurance plan even when they do not have money. Soso Care observed that most of the rural areas and even some parts of the urban centres are littered with nylons, plastics, bottles, etc. In this regards, Nigerians, who have interest in getting a health insurance plan with Soso Care, should deliver recyclable wastes worth $1 monthly to Soso Care Partner agent and the money raised after these materials have been sold to companies who use them as raw materials will be used in paying for the premiums given to the registered users.

Nonso Opurum, the CEO of Soso Care said, “Nigeria generates over 34 million tonnes of waste yearly and about 20 billion PET bottles which causes poor sanitation and poor healthcare, and is affecting the environment. We felt it would be wise to use a problem to create a sustainable solution, so we linked recycling to health insurance premiums and food stamps. By so doing we use one stone to kill two birds.”

“With little marketing budget and personal selling we have about 550 users in just the first month. I am confident we will exceed our benchmark of three million users next year. We hope to raise money to scale fast so that we can move to bigger cities and states like Lagos. We plan expanding across Africa and Asia, mostly the Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan,” said Opurum – the CEO of Soso Care.  

At present, Soso Care operates in the capital city of Nigeria, Abuja, and has collection centres at Sunnyvale Estate, Kubwa Channel 8, Gwarimpa 2nd Avenue, Idu Industrial Area, Ecobarter Kuchikayo Kuje, and Ecobarter Kuje Material Handling Facility. Although Soso Care is at its early stage, it hopes to advance to other states in Nigeria as soon as possible.

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