Vite, Mauritius’s first app based mobility startup receives funding from Oui Capital

Mauritius is all geared up as the first app-based mobility startup in the country receives pre-seed funding from Oui Capital for an undisclosed amount. This funding will enable the startup to launch fully in the first quarter of this year.

Vite, formally Vite Technologies got its name from the French word “vite”, meaning ” quickly”. The startup was founded by Ukeme Jonah (CEO), Isaac Agyemang (COO), and Anthony Takyi (CMO) in May 2016 as a result of the inconvenience they experienced while organizing a TEDx event in Mauritius. They were not able to get a taxi on-demand and they had to pay double of what they were expected to pay. So that was the beginning of the ridesharing app Vite.

” We a multi-modal platform that fits whichever service works in every city we plan entering. In Mauritius for example, there is a heavily regulated taxi ecosystem and so private cars are not allowed to be commercialized. Our model allows us to fit there, as well as, fit in spaces where private cars or motorbikes are allowed. ” The CMO of Vite, Anthony Takyi.
There is no doubt that the Vite app will be well received knowing fully well that Mauritius is a tourist center attracting millions of tourists and business people every year. It is noteworthy that during the beta-testing stage of the Vite app which lasted three weeks, Vite said it completed more than 500 trips, recorded 5,000+ user sign-ups and 150+ drivers registered on its platform. So this is relatively a positive indicator for the success of the Vite app in the region and beyond.

Additionally, one of the pioneering advantages of the Vite app in the region is that it can work with both taxi drivers and private cars, unlike Uber and Bolt. Another thing is that Mauritius Island which is believed to be the strategic gateway to the Southern African Development Community(SADC) region does not have Uber or Bolt operating in her. Out of the 16 SADC countries, Uber and Bolt currently operate in only South Africa and Tanzania according to Olu Oyinsan the General Partner of Oui Capital. This is indeed great news for Vite Technologies as it will enable them to scale through faster without many competitions.

It is on records that Oui Capital is a venture capital firm that has funded quite a number of African startups. They got there name “Oui” from the French word “Oui” which means”yes”.